Sport 3 Smart Watch Blood Pressure IP67 Waterproof Fitness Tracker Clock Smartwatch For IOS Android Wearable Devices(Red)

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  • Language:Spanish,Korean,French,Ukrainian,Russian,English,Portuguese
  • Function:Passometer,Calendar,Interactive Music,Sleep Tracker,Alarm Clock,Push Message,Message Reminder,24 hour instruction,World Time,Heart Rate Tracker,Call Reminder,Fitness Tracker
  • Style:Sport
  • Compatibility:All Compatible
  • Type:On Wrist
  • Screen Shape:Square
  • Mechanism:Yes
  • Band Material:Silica Gel
  • Battery Capacity:120-180mAh
  • System:None
  • Case Material:PLASTIC
  • Application Age Group:Adult
  • GPS:No
  • Resolution:200*200
  • ROM:<128MB
  • RAM:<128MB
  • Screen Size:1.3 inch
  • SIM Card Available:No
  • Movement Type:Electronic
  • Battery Detachable:No
  • CPU Model:NRF52832
  • Band Detachable:Yes
  • Multiple Dials:Yes
  • APP Download Available:Yes
  • Waterproof Grade:Life Waterproof
  • Network Mode:None
  • Rear Camera:None
  • APP name:Da fit
Master chip: Nordic NRF52832
Screen: 240-240 resolution 1.3-inch high-definition color screen
Battery: Battery capacity: 230MAH Standby time: 480 hours
Material: ABS plastic + tempered glass
Strap: TPU elastomer
Heart rate/blood pressure: Epco micro heart rate sensor/smart analog blood pressure
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.1 (compatible with Android and IOS)
Touch: Touch mode button
Waterproof rating: IP67
Sensor: Supports multiple motion modes, low power consumption

Reminder: QQ, Wechat, Message, Other APP Information
Time: TFT display 12/24 hour format
Sports pedometer: exercise steps, calorie consumption, multiple exercise modes
Health monitoring: Real-time heart rate, heart rate and blood pressure automatic measurement, sleep monitoring, sedentary/water reminder
Charging method: Magnetic USB charging
Standby use time: standby 480 hours, use 7-10 days
Other features: mute, alarm clock, brightness adjustment
APP Sharing: Pay attention to the public number and share it to the WeChat movement

Package include:
1* Sport3 Smart Watch
1* Use manual

One Package Weight 0.15kgs / 0.34lb
Qty per Carton 97lb
Carton Weight 15kgs / 33.07lb
Carton Size 45cm * 36cm * 22cm / 17.72inch * 14.17inch * 8.66inch
Loading Container 20GP: 748 cartons * 97 pcs = 72556 pcs
40HQ: 1736 cartons * 97 pcs = 168392 pcs

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