Summer Home Mute Smart USB Rechargeable Physical Suction LED Photocatalyst Mosquito Killer Lamp(White)

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1. Non-chemical mosquito control
This mosquito killer lamp uses pure physical mosquito killer without any medicine or chemical composition. It can be used by pregnant women, children, and the elderly. The mosquito killer lamp is not equivalent to chemical insecticides such as insecticides and mosquito coils. It does not kill mosquitoes immediately after it is turned on! It takes time to use it
2. Open three hours in advance
At night, it is recommended to turn on about 3 hours in advance, and do not turn on when you go to sleep] Please use it for 3 to 5 days for the first time, the machine is 4W low power consumption, less than one degree of power consumption for a week of continuous use
3. Unmanned environment is better
Use in an unmanned environment, the effect is better, because people's body temperature and smell are more attractive to mosquitoes, it is recommended to close the door and close the curtain after going out during the day, the machine is still turned on. When using a mosquito killer lamp, try to turn off other light sources, the same in dark light environment, the effect is better.
4. The machine should not be too close to people
The machine is recommended to be placed at a height of about one meter. When sleeping at night, the mosquito killer lamp should not be placed close to people to avoid the wrong target of mosquitoes. Because it uses pure physical mosquito control, mosquitoes die by air drying
5. When cleaning the mosquito storage box, it is recommended to open it again outdoors to avoid the escape of mosquitoes

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