Super Ultrasonic Mouse & Mosquito Repeller (Only US Plug)(Grey)

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1. 24 hours a day continuous protection from mosquito & mouse
2. Indoor Electronic repeller with Super Ultrasonic Technology
3. Environment safe!
4. Double Insulated
5. Slide switch for repelling action, choose according to the environment
6. Repels mosquito: dragonfly or male mosquito
7. Repels mouse/rodents: fix or auto-changing high intensity frequencies & pulse sequences
8. LED indicators each repelling action, so you know which is currently working
9. Uses micro-computer IC technology for intelligent product design
10. Suitable for long operation
11. Low power consumption
12. LED indicators for repelling action: RED for mouse & GREEN for mosquito
13. Variable frequency: 32-65 KHz
14. Fixed frequency: 26KHz
15. Ultrasonic Sound Power Frequency: output up to 110dB
16. Size: 115x70x65mm

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