T&G A18 Ball Bluetooth Speaker with LED Light Portable Wireless Mini Speaker Mobile Music MP3 Subwoofer Support TF (Blue)

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Suppot TF/Aux/Bluetooth/FM playing mode
Portable, just like a tennis ball
Good sound performance
This Portable Bluetooth Speaker will makes you enjoy your music wirelessly anywhere you want. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to wirelessly play and control your music from Bluetooth devices and take calls hand-free directly through the speaker. Built-in rechargeable battery lasts for up to about 3 hours per charge.

Bluetooth: V4.2
Working Distance: 10M
Voltage: DC 5V
Battery Charge Time: 3H
Playing time: About 3 hours.
Loudspeaker: 4Ω3W
S/N Ratio: >75db
Frequency Response: 12HZ--18KHZ
Dimension: D=80MM
Size: 77*80MM
Net weight: 210g
Color: Black

Package listing:
1 x Speaker
1 x AUX Cable
1 x Charging Cable
1 x User Manual

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