T&G TG162 LED Stereo Portable Bluetooth Speaker Mini Wireless Speaker Subwoofer(Gray)

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Product features:
1. Adopt advanced Bluetooth audio decoder chip to support all Bluetooth devices connection.
2. Supporting FM radio, it can search radio stations in the listening area directly.
3. The tone is soft, clear and dynamic, with distinct levels.
4. Direct reading TF card and U disk;
5. Bluetooth receives a distance of up to 10 meters
6. Bluetooth mode connectionless, shut down for half an hour
7. A variety of flashing mode of slide-color LED lights, lights can flicker with the music melody a key conversion, music melody can not only listen to but also see.

Bluetooth Specification: V5.0
Wireless transmission range: 10M
Audio Performance Noise Ratio: > 90dB
Battery capacity: 1200 mAh
Built-in voltage: 3.7V
Normal volume playback: 3H
Horn Specification: ¢52MM * 1
Power: 5W*1
Frequency response: 120HZ-20KHZ
Product size: 108x84.1x83.6mm
Single machine weight: about 310G
Charging Voltage: 5V/500MA

Package list:
1* Bluetooth Speaker
1* Charge cable
1* Manual

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