T&G TG165 5W*2 Portable Wireless Speaker Speaker With Dancing LED Flashing Light Mp3 AUX USB FM Radio Stereo Subwoofer(Blue)

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Product parameters:
1. Bluetooth specification: V5.0.
2. Wireless transmission range: 10m.
3. Audio noise ratio: greater than or equal to 90dB.
4. Battery capacity: 1200mAh.
5. Built-in voltage: 3.7V.
6. Normal volume playback: 3H.
7. Speaker specifications: diameter 52mm x 2.
8. Power: 5W x 2.
9. Frequency response: 120Hz-20KHz.
10. Product size: 215x86x87.8mm.
11. Stand weight: 600g.
12. Charging voltage: 5V/500mA.

1. Adopt advanced Bluetooth audio decoding chip to support all Bluetooth device connections. .
3. The tone is soft, clear and dynamic, with distinct levels.
4. Directly read the TF card and USB flash drive.
5. Bluetooth reception distance can be as long as 10 meters.
6. Support LINE IN audio input, provide you with computer speaker function; can directly connect mobile phone/tablet/and TV Bluetooth pairing to play music.
7. Bluetooth mode has no connection and automatically shuts down after half an hour.
8. A variety of flashing mode illusion LED lights, the lights can flash with the music melody, one-click conversion, music melody can not only listen to see.

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