T&G TG169 LED Portable Bluetooth Speaker Outdoor Waterproof Subwoofer 3D Stereo Mini wireless Loudspeaker Support AUX FM TF card(Red)

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Product features:
1. Magic speaker system design, amazing dual-power built-in low-frequency amplification design, mid-low frequency is more powerful, and sound quality performance is better
2. Adopt advanced Bluetooth audio decoding chip, support mobile phones, tablet computers, TV and other Bluetooth devices to play music in pairs; Bluetooth transmission distance is greater than 10 meters
3. Support hands-free calling function, built-in high-sensitivity microphone, so that mobile phone calls have unparalleled pleasant call enjoyment
4. Support U disk and TF card to play music, support full rate to play MP3 format
5. FM automatically searches and stores radio stations
6. Built-in FM radio module, can automatically find and store radio stations, saving time and effort; support AUX audio input, providing you with computer speakers

Product Specifications:
1. Wireless Bluetooth: V5.0
2. Support: L2CAP/A2DP/AVCTP, can receive audio signals and control audio equipment. Support HSP/HFP (hands-free configuration file), with hands-free function
3. Working distance: 10m
4. Signal to noise ratio: 90dB
5. Battery capacity: 3.7V 1200mAh
6. Playing time: 3 hours (volume will affect playing time)
7. Speaker size: 45mmx2
8. Speaker power: 5Wx2
9. Frequency response: 120Hz-20KHz
10. Charging input: 5V/500mAh
11. Charging time: 3-4H
12. Product size: 75x75x162mm
13. Stand-alone weight: 405g

Packing list:
Bluetooth speaker x 1
Charging cable x 1
Chinese and English manual x 1

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