T&G TG182 Portable Column Wireless Stereo Music Box Solar Power waterproof USB AUX FM radio super bass(Grey)

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1. Support A2DP,AVRCP, Handsfree profile,FM radio
2. With FM function, can search radio station broadcast automatically
3. International advanced Wireless chip and circuit design techniques,support all wireless devices.
4. With Hi-Fi speaker, to make sure the clear and bright sound.
5. Support Micro SD card and USB card, play MP3 format audio.
6. The wireless working distanceis 10 meters.
7. With AUX line in, can directly connect the outside devices,for example, tablet PC/TV/cellphones.
8. It will close automatically after 30 mins if bluetooth mode no connection

Bluetooth Version:V4.2
Working Range:in 10metres
Gross Weight:548g
Loudspeaker Output:5W*2
Distortion: ≤0.5%
Battery Voltage/Capacity:1200mAh
Battery Charging Voltage:5V /500mAH
Play time values for speakers :3-4hours

Packing list:
Bluetooth Speaker*1
USB Cable*1
Audio Cable*1
User Manual*1

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