T89 2 in 1 Color Screen Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Bluetooth Dual Earphone Smart Bracelet with Magnetic Charging Box, Support Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitoring & Step Counter & Call Reminder & Smart Remote Camera(Black)

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1. Not only the smart bracelet, but also the wireless earphones, easy to store one.
2. The high-definition LED display and transparent display technology ensure that the screen data can be clearly seen in outdoor sports.
3. Automatically record the number of steps, kilometers, and calories of the movement.
4. Real-time heart rate monitoring.
5. The chip international common PWTT algorithm has high calculation accuracy.
6. Connect your smartphone to view personal details in the app and pinpoint the location of the bracelet.
7. When your mobile phone calls or receives notifications such as short messages, even if the phone is not around, the bracelet will vibrate, so that you can see important news in the first time.
8. APP remote control to take pictures.
9. The earphone is taken out, and the wristband is used as it is. Listening to songs, making phone calls, counting steps, and monitoring blood pressure are not delayed.
10. Take the earphone out of the storage cradle and tap the earphone to start pairing, which is convenient and quick.
11. Bluetooth 5.0, sound transmission is more stable.
12. Intelligent noise reduction, 6D sound.
13. Binaural talk, stereo clear.
14. Store automatic shutdown charging, automatic power-on when exiting, and automatic Bluetooth pairing.
15. Self-contained charging compartment, magnetic charging design, long-lasting battery life.
16. IP67 life waterproof, enjoy yourself.
17. Semi-in-ear design, painless and comfortable.

1. Screen size: 0.96 inch color screen.
2. Headset Bluetooth: 5.0.
3. Bluetooth distance: 5-15m.
4. Call duration: 5 hours.
5. Hand ring battery: 130mAh.
6. For the ear battery: 35mAh.
7. Heart rate blood pressure chip: HRS3300.
8. Pair of ear chips: RTL8763BFR.
9. Hand ring chip: MCUBE/MX1001.
10. Hand ring size: 251x28x19mm.
11. Mobile APP system and language: Android / iOS, multi-language.
12. Bracelet function: time, date display, exercise step, distance, caledi road, real-time heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, sleep quality monitoring, shake photo, two-way search, message reminder.
13. For the ear function: 6D sound effect, mini compact, panoramic sound effect, Bluetooth 5.0 connection is not stuck, and the cabin is automatically paired.
14. Screen resolution: 160*80.

Packing list:
Smart bracelet (with a pair of wireless Bluetooth headsets) x 1

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