TLW25 0.42 inch OLED Display Bluetooth Smart Bracelet, IP66 Waterproof, Support Heart Rate Monitor / Pedometer / Calls Remind / Sleep Monitor / Sedentary Reminder / Alarm / Remote Capture, Compatible with Android and iOS Phones (Blue)

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1. Bluetooth version: 4.0.
2. Waterproof Rating: IP66.
3. Compatible with Android 4.4 and above, iOS 8.0 and above.
4. APP Name: FlagFit.
5. Dynamic heart rate monitoring.
6. Touch screen function.
7. Special Features: Sleep monitor, Record for pedometer, Calorie, Miles, Time, Sedentary reminder, Trends of sport, clock.
8. Other functions: Call / SMS, WeChat, QQ APP Reminder, Alarm Clock, Shake photograph.
9. Display Screen: 0.42 inch OLED Display.
10. Built-in 50mAh battery.
11. Charge about 2 hours, long standby time about 20 days.

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