TOMO P4 USB Smart 4 Battery Charger with Indicator Light for 18650 Li-ion Battery (Black)


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1. Two in one (18650 battery charger and smart mobile power), smart LCD display.
2. Each slot has a separate charging circuit and display that works independently.
3. Reverse polarity protection.
4. When charging the device, the LCD displays the output voltage and output. When charging the battery, the LCD displays the input charging status.
5. When the input and output are simultaneously, it will automatically charge, first the device, then charge the battery.
6. Does not work, automatically shuts down after 20 seconds. Automatically turn on after charging, and automatically stop working after the output current is overcharged.
7. Press the backlight on/off for less than one second and turn the machine on/off for two seconds.
8. The maximum output current of the USB 1A output is limited to 1.5A, and the maximum output current of the USB 2A output is limited to 2.2A.
9. With dual output USB, both devices charge simultaneously. When outputting simultaneously, the total output current of the two USB ports is 2.2A. If the total output current is greater than 2.2A, the latest USB port will stop working.

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