TOPK 1m 2.4A Max USB to 8 Pin Nylon Braided Magnetic Charging Cable with LED Indicator(Red)

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1. Made of aluminium alloy + TPE + nylon braided cable, is safe, wear-resistant and durable.
2. Quality copper wire serves for high charging efficiency.
3. 2.4A Max output, quickly charging for your device with 8 Pin interface.
4. Strong magnetic force and soft LED indicator light, support stable charging.
5. The plug is separated from the cable. Plug can stay on the phone, Only 1 second connected to charge.
6. The magnet connector could be a dustproof plug and prolong the life of your device. In addition, it can reduce the damage of your USB port by preventing frequent plugging and pulling.
7. Tip: The cable is only for charging, but not for data transmissiom. And it do not support iPad Pro.

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