TOPK 2m 2.4A Max USB to 8 Pin + USB-C / Type-C + Micro USB Nylon Braided Magnetic Charging Cable with LED Indicator(Red)

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1. Made of aluminium alloy + TPE + nylon braided cable, is safe, wear-resistant and durable.
2. Quality copper wire serves for high charging efficiency.
3. 2.4A Max output, quickly charging for your device.
4. Strong magnetic force and soft LED indicator light, support stable charging.
5. The plug is separated from the cable. Plug can stay on the phone, Only 1 second connected to charge.
6. The magnet connector could be a dustproof plug and prolong the life of your device. In addition, it can reduce the damage of your USB port by preventing frequent plugging and pulling.
7. Tip: The cable is only for charging, but not for data transmissiom.

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