TOTUDESIGN Speedy Series BPD-001 PD USB-C / Type-C to 8 Pin Interface Fast Charge Data Sync Data Cable, Cable Length: 25cm (Grey)

TOTUDESIGNArtikelnummer-Lagerplatz | IPXS5123H

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1. Support PD fast charging protocol, fast charging.
2. Thick copper wire core, high conversion rate, no loss.
3. Built-in intelligent fast charging chip, stable and fast charging, will not damage the device.
4. Data synchronization and charging are performed at the same time, which saves time.
5. Aluminum alloy integrated interface and shell, durable.
6. SRI mesh anti-fracture design, the wire is not easy to break.
7. Braided wire body to prevent entanglement.

Product parameters
1. Length: 25cm.
2. Output: 18W / 30W 3A.
3. Material: aluminum alloy + TPE + braided wire.

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