Touch Screen Unisex LED Digital Watch Wristwatch Timepiece Silicon Strap ( White )(White)


CHF 17.91
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1) Touch screen unisex LED digital watch

2) Features round watchcase

3) Touch the screen, the watch will display time

4) Adjust time by touching the screen

5) Smart appearance spices up your life

6) LED displays the hour, minute and date

7) Adjustable and comfortable silicon watch band softly fits your wrist

8) Simple buckle clasp fastened

9) Button cells included

10) Great gift for you, your lover or friends

11) Gender: Female & male

12) Case Material: Alloy

13) Band Material: Silicon

14) Band Length: 211 x 24mm

15) Case Size: 42 x 42 x 10 mm

16) Net Weight: 68g

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