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Type:Desk Clocks
Function:Snooze Function
Display Type:Digital
Style:Traditional Chinese
Movement Type:Jumping movement
Battery: :Built-in CR2025 Battery cell
Net weight: :approx. 124g
Gross weight: :approx. 155g
Size: :approx. 120 x 100 x 55mm/4.72 x 3.93 x 2.16''
1. Digital clock with alarm, desktop pen holder has electronic calendar.
2. Timer of desktop pen holder is special day reminder.
3. Alarm clock display year, month, date and day, 12/24 hour format transferred.
4. Temperature of the showing, If the temperature of environment automatic shows under normal state.
5. Calendar, alarm clock, temperature measurement and penholder.
6. Display year, month, time and temperature in LCD screen.
7. Temperature measurement.
8. Temperature display in degree Celsius of Fahrenheit selectable.
9. Light pen holder is ideal for use at home or office

Packing List:
1 x Transparent Clock Pen Container
1 x User Manual

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