Travel Small Alarm Clock Bedside Mute Alarm Clock with Light & Snooze Function(Red)

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Material:Environment-friendly Plastic
Battery:1x AA battery (not including battery)
Motivity Type:Quartz
Sound:4 segment, slow-fast, B/BB/BBB/BBBB
Function:Snooze Function
Type:Alarm Clocks
1. Mute small travel alarm clock, light weight, 6cm (2.4-inch) into the small pocket of backpack / suitcase, or stand on bedside / tabletop.
2. No amazing function. Only ascending beep sound, slow to fast, B/BB/BBB/BBBB, enough to wake you up when sunshine into your city or travel bed.
3. Easy access snooze and light bar is on right hand side of the front.
4. With light for night light viewing, luminous hands will glow for a few minutes.
5. Product features: travel alarm clock, beautiful and generous. Silent with light and snooze function, convenient and practical.
6. Product features: integrated sweeping alarm clock, With light and snooze function.

Package Includes:
1 x Small Travel Clock

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