Triopo GT-2504X8.C Adjustable Portable Carbon Fiber Tripod with B-1 Aluminum Ball Head for Canon Nikon Sony DSLR Camera(Black)


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About the product
1. Carbon fiber and aluminum alloy material, high quality, durable and lightweight
2. 180 degrees folding pipe, easy to carry and store
3. Spring hook for hanging things to increase stability
4. 4 section legs for height adjustment
5. Quick release plate with safety lock to prevent device from accidentally fall and anti-spin block to keep camera steady
6. The ball head supports 360 degree rotation for different shooting angle
7. Rubber feet to prevent sliping
8. Screw locking design, easy to lock and stay steady
9. Can assemble into monopod

Package include
Tripod with Ball Head and Quick Release Plate
Protective bags
Multifunctional strap

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