Tronsmart Element Mega 40W TWS Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 3D Digital Sound, Support Micro SD Card(Black)

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1. Intuitive touch screen with gesture control, fully integrated touch panel, with a unique sliding control volume mechanism
2. High-fidelity sound, 28-core high-fidelity large subwoofer speaker, which can produce a larger output up to 40W
3.3D digital sound is integrated with DSP technology, which can output pitch well in any living environment
4. Equipped with Bluetooth 4.2, which can be connected with all your devices
5. True wireless stereo (TWS)
6. Support NFC connection and MicroSD card
7. Its battery life is up to 15 hours

Battery: Yes
Intelligent personal assistant: none
Remote control: No
Waterproof: No
Channel: 2 (2.0)
Audio Crossover: FullRange
Communication: AUX, Bluetooth, NFC, USB
Support APP: Yes
Play function: APE, MP3, other, FLAC
Built-in microphone: yes
Support Aptx: No
Voice control: No
Number of speakers shell: 1
Material: Plastic
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.2
Play time: up to 15 hours
Output power: 20W x 2
Net weight: 662.3g (built-in lithium polymer battery)
Dimensions: 193mm x 57mm x 82mm
Micro SD card: support
Intelligent personal assistant: none

Packing list:
Bluetooth speaker x 1
User manual x 1
USB cable x 1
Aux cable x 1
Warranty card x 1

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