TV300 5W Retro TV Model Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Holder, Support TF/USB/AUX/FM(Stardust)

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1.Retro TV modeling,Easy to move, mobile phone stand.
2.Small and light,Light body a pull away,About 400G light weight, easy to carry,Go out to play say go.
3.Mellow tone,Let your headphones get drunk,Labyrinth box design, music round and full,Its like being in a concert.
4.Retro interactive knob decorative design,Relive the fun of changing channels as a child.
5.Radio antenna design, up and down curve key can adjust radio channel,High fidelity full frequency horn, restore the real sound quality effect.

Bluetooth version: V5.0
Bluetooth distance: 10M
Battery capacity: 1200MAH
Operating voltage: 3.2-4.2v
Charging voltage: DC5V/500MA
Output power: 4 Ω 5 w
Charging time: about 3 hours
Play time: about 5 hours
Frequency response: 20hz-20khz
SNR: ≥90dB
Fidelity: about 10%
Product size: 17*7.5*12CM
Package size: 19*9*13CM
Net weight: 370G
Gross weight: 450G
Outer box size: 47*39.5*67CM
Packing quantity: 50PCS
FCL net weight: 18.5kg
FCL gross weight: 23.5kg

Porduct Including:
1 x Bluetooth speaker
1 x USB cable
1 x User manual

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