Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellent Electronic Mosquito Killer, Plug Type:EU Plug(Pink)

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1. Material: ABS-A1 flame retardant plastic
2. Power supply: AC 90V-220V
3. Net weight: 39 grams
4. Dimensions: height 113 mm, upper width 40 mm, lower width 26 mm
5. Power: less than or equal to 2W
6. Multi-purpose for one machine, mosquito repellent, mite repellent, rodent repellent, various reptiles, etc.
7. Intelligent chip, automatic frequency conversion, original breathing electromagnetic wave, 360-degree surround resonance ultrasonic wave, distributed SPL cavity sound wave, continuous change of sound wave frequency, better driving effect
8. Voltage overload protection, power saving, less than 1 kWh per month
9. No radiation, no noise, one-button switch eliminates cumbersome plugging
10. Suitable for bedroom, office, kitchen, bathroom, study and other places
11. Scope of application 80-100 square meters (no wall blocking)

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