Universal Bluetooth Converter Car Tape MP3 / SBC / Stereo Bluetooth Audio Cassette

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1. With the Bluetooth cassette adapter, your tape deck player instantly becomes a Bluetooth wireless cassette player. Used in your car or home system. Stream music from any Bluetooth-enabled device (such as iOS, Android-based electronics, Tablet PC, etc.).
2. No complicated installation. No cable. There are no tangled or entangled tapes. Just pop it up and it will open automatically.
3. Built-in microphone, you can safely put your hands on the steering wheel while driving, realize hands-free mobile phone operation, answer the phone easily and conveniently, and the sound is clear.
4. Install the 5.0 version of the Bluetooth CSR chip, quickly and seamlessly paired, and automatically reconnect when booting. Blinking blue/red indicates that the pairing mode has been entered. After the pairing is successful, the blue light flashes every 5 seconds, which has the advantage of longer distance and lower power consumption.
5. The Tape Adapter Bluetooth contains a long-lasting rechargeable battery for even long road trip. The Bluetooth feature allows you to listen to music while charging, as the charging port, power on/off switch and microphone button can be hung outside the tape deck.
6. Parameter:
Material: ABS
Colour: Black
Product size: Approx.10*6.4*0.9cm
Bluetooth answer/call: support
Audio format: AAC, MP3, SBC, Stereo
Bluetooth support: 5.0 + EDR
Indicator light: blue, red
Transfer distance: Approx.10m
Battery capacity: 140mAh
Charging current: 80mA
Pairing current: 8mA, standby current: 2mA, playing music, dialing current is 30mA
Working voltage: 3.3-4.2V
Charging input voltage 4.5V-5.3V
Output method: Bluetooth
Installation type: tape player
Applicable mobile phone model: universal

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