USB Air Disinfection Machine Refrigerator Deodorant Ozone Disinfection Sterilization Deodorization Negative Ion Air Purifier

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1. High-power ozone output, efficient and simple sterilization and detoxification
2. Air disinfection and purification, Ozone deodorization, formaldehyde removal, Omni-directional sterilization
3. In the hot summer, those bad odors, the wet environment of the bathroom, the poor air quality, the bad smell, and the bacterial virus breeding seriously affect the healthy life of you and your family
4. The product can be widely used in public places such as family homes, kindergartens, offices and shopping malls.
5. It has a significant effect on removing anti-odor / large dog body odor in the bathroom
6. Rated power: 1.5-6w
7. Voltage: 5V DC
8. Using area: In 30 m2
9. Product size: 150x170x42mm

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