USB-C / Type-C 3.0 to HDMI / VGA Converter

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1. Product name: USB3.0 TO HDMI VGA frequency converter.
2. Support: Computer with USB3.0 interface, Windows XP, Win7/8/10 system (Apple system does not support).
3. Resolution: HDMI-1920x1080P, VGA-1920x1080P, support dual-screen simultaneous display and expansion mode, the same display resolution is 1920x1080P.
4. Driver installation: The computer needs to install the driver for the first time. After inserting the product into the computer, turn on my computer. There is a FL2000 drive letter inside. Click Install. The driver can be used after the driver is installed. You don’t need to install it again in subsequent use. .
5. Note that HDMI has no audio transmission.

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