USB Household Indoor Photocatalyst Mosquito Killer and Mosquito Remover, Style:USB(Pink)

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1. Name: xiaofang anti-mosquito lamp
2. Net weight: 300g
3. Material: ABS material
4. Power: 5W
5. Voltage: 110-220V
6. Power supply: DV 5V-1A
7. Dimensions: 10x10x18cm
8. Simplify the complex and simple, loyal to the experience, polish the face value, simple and stylish, naturally integrated into your home
9. The accessories of the mosquito storage box can be washed with clean water, please use a damp cloth for the main product
10. A variety of scenes are applicable, the whole house is waiting, switching and protecting every place
11. Low power, low power consumption, easy to use

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