USB Power SMD 3528 Epoxy LED Strip Light Christmas Desk Decor Lamp for TV Background Lighting, Length:2m(Warm White)


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  • Item Type:Strip
  • Occasion:Living Room
  • Power Source:DC
  • Model Number:USB LED strip light
  • Power Generation:Switch
  • Voltage:5V
1. Suitable for, bedroom, corridor, living room, exhibition, etc.
2. High quality 3528 bare LED strips with high strength and high reliability.
3. Double layer self-adhesive tape, safety and ease of use
4. Super bright, but low temperature and low power operation, high flexibility.
5. Rated Voltage: DC 12V
6. Color: white light or warm white light
7. Chip Type: 3528 SMD
8. Number of Lamps: 30-300 LEDs
9. Length: 0.5-5 Meters
10. Viewing Angle: 120 degrees
11. Waterproof Rating: IP55

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