USB Suction Type Photocatalyst Mosquito Killer Household Mute Mosquito Repellent Lamp, Style:USB

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1. Name: photocatalytic mosquito killing lamp
2. Net weight: 350g
3. Rated frequency: 50Hz
4. Power: 5W
5. Power supply method: USB socket
6. Power supply: DV 5V
7. Size: 10x10x16cm
8. Product features: LED trap light source, powerful fan, stronger suction, triple anti-escape device
9. 24-hour automatic mosquito killing, physical bionic automatic trapping mosquitoes, easy to operate
10. A variety of scenes are applicable, the whole house is waiting, switching and protecting every place
11. Simulate the heating technology of human body, the temperature of the mosquito killer lamp will increase after it is turned on, which can further strengthen the ability to attract mosquito

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