USB Universal Mini Portable UFO Spacecraft Humidifier Air Purifier Aroma Diffuser, Product Size:51X51X24MM(Blue)

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1. Shape: Round
2. Product material: ABS
3. Power mode: Car power supply, USB
4. Water shortage and power protection: Support
5. Noise: Below 36dB
6. Function: Aromatherapy, humidification, air purifying
7. Applicable occasions: Office, home, car
8. Color: White, Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow (optional)
9. Product size: 51x51x24mm
10. USB cable length: 120cm
11. Line material: TPE (feel good, super soft, good toughness, good pulling force, not easy to break, is several times high quality of PVC material)
12. The UFO humidifier is a portable mini humidifier that solves the effect of the traditional humidifier tank capacity limit. When used, it can be freely matched with water containers of different sizes according to your own needs. It can be sprayed by plugging in, and it has the function of water and power failure protection. It is safer and safer to use. Moisturizes a winter, cools a summer.

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