USB Wood Rattan Twine Ball Lights Table Lamp Room Home Art Decorative Desk Light(Beige)

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Is Bulbs Included:Yes
Light Source:Incandescent Bulbs
Power Source:DC
Switch Type:Knob switch
Shade Type:Fabric
Technics:Hand Knitted
Application:Bed Room
Energy saving and environmental protection
Good items in everyday life
You can charge it by computer, power bank or adaptor, very convenient.Includ wooden bracket for holding the LED light, no need to worry about rolling over problems.Ideal for home, party, shopping mall, restaurants decorations, light your place and bring romantic atmosphere.
Add some warm atmosphere at home
You can put it in any place you like. This will be the complement to your child's bedroom night bed or home office, and you only need a pleasant relaxing light.
Switch type: button type
Unique design

Product color: As the picture
Power:USB Charging
Light source: LED
Material: Hemp rope + hardware + solid wood base

1XTable lamp

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