V10 0.96 inch Bluetooth Smart Bracelet, IP67 Waterproof, Pedometer / Female Physiology Reminder / Heart Rate Monitor / Blood Pressure Monitor / Sleep Monitor, Compatible with Android and iOS Phones (Blue)

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1. Big display with small size figures: 0.96 inch IPS color screen applied, 160*80 high definition display.
2. Running mode: Activate running mode, speed, hear rate, steps under sports mode will be recorded; a running track could be draw with phone.
3. Round-the-clock Blood Pressure Monitoring : 24 hours monitoring, automatic testing per hour, arbitrary time for manual testing and data wil not be saved
4. Changeable UI Interfaces according to your will: 3 main themes; 8 types of color designs; different strap, different mood.
5. Female physiology reminder: Techniques with temperature which presented to her. A little more care, reminders of menstrual period and pregnancy period are designed for women users (Note: this function is only available in Chinese /English systems).

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