EKEN V7 Standard Edition 1080P Full HD Weather Resistant WiFi Security Home Monitor Intercom Smart Phone Video Doorbell, Support Two-way Audio, PIR Motion Detection, Night Vision


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Connection Type:Wireless

Camera Sensor type:CMOS

Installation:Wall Mounting


Sensor Size(Inch):1/4


Powered by: built-in 2pcs 18650 batteries

Power:18-24V AC Power

Night vision:6 pcs Infra-Red LED Lights

Wake up:Push Button/PIR/Mobile Phone APP

Mobile APP: Support

Power: Power consumption standby 0.4mA working 200mA

Using environment: Outdoor using and installed on the side of the door.

Other features: 166 degrees wide angle view, long battery life long time standby, super low power consumption, notification push to mobile device.

1. With 1080P full HD video,The Video Doorbell V7 is our most advanced doorbell yet.

2. Monitor your home in high definition 1080P video, and see hear and speak to visitors from anywhere.

3. PIR motion detection: when someone rings the doorbell, your phone receives an immediate notification.You can open the door remotely through SeeHouse APP and communicate directly through your mobile phone.

4. Real-time and two-way intercom system with an echo canceller

5. There is a passive infrared sensor built into the video doorbell, which could capture the slightest movement. Real-time monitoring is available. One can watch the video anytime and anywhere through your mobile phone and never mind the

danger of opening the wrong door or the embarrassment of having visitors wait while no one at home. HD video and two-way audio make your communication much clearer.

6. 2.4GHz WiFi network: the range of 2.4GHz WiFi signals is about 10 meters. You can easily connect to your home WiFi network and send live videos to your phone. One can watch the video anytime and anywhere through the phone.

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