Vintage Church Glass Bedside Bedroom Living Room Bar Cafe Decoration Small Table Lamp, Style:Resin Base(Green)

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CHF 63.18
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Shade Direction:Down
Light Source:LED Bulbs(not included)
Item Type:Table Lamps
1. Size: D16 cm x H32 cm
2. Lamp holder high temperature antique color.
3. Ancient craftsmanship, highlighting the elegance of the interior.
4. Lampshade church glass, the lampholder alloy is zinc alloy.
5. E14 interface LED bulb or ordinary tungsten filament bulb.
6. The base plug wire is 1.5 meters long.
7. Suitable for living room, study bedroom, etc.
8. GB double flat plug.
9. It does not contain the bulb itself, and the test bulb is given. No reissue of damaged light bulb during transportation.

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