Wall Clocks Mirror 3D Stereo Acrylic Living Room Bedroom Decoration Wall Clock Fashion DIY Creative Wall Clock(Silver)

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Type: wall clock
Style: modern
Size: 55x45 cm
Shape: square
Pattern: abstract
Weight: 125 grams
Power supply: 1xAAA battery (not included)
Wall clock type: 9 mm
Movement type: quartz scanning silent movement
Material: acrylic self-adhesive

1. Environmental protection, waterproof, anti-corrosion
2. Decorative mirrors can achieve decorative effects
3. Enlarge the sense of space and beautify the decoration
4. Acrylic mirror, self-adhesive
5. Easy to install, very stable and durable
6. Suitable for bedroom, living room, study room, office, etc.

Package Contents:
1 x wall clock

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