Watch Repair Tool Eyepiece Repair Watch Eye Mask Magnifier, Color:10X

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1. Good transparency and strong impact resistance.
2. Made of double-layer glass lens, light weight and high magnification.
3. Eye clip magnifiers are mainly used for watch repair, art and craft operations.
4. Used for: watch repair, art and crafts.
5. Materials: plastic and glass.
6. Size: 3.6x3cm.

The direction of the bell mouth is directed at your own eyes, then use the upper mouth of the eye mask to top the upper eyelid cover, top the top and then place the underside of the eye mask in the eye frame below the eyelids, gently put your hands on it. It is up. If you still can't use it skillfully, you can also use it with the loupe rim.

Since it is sold as an eyepiece, it cannot be compared with a magnifying glass, and the actual magnifying glass multiple value will be too small.

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