Water Injection Hot Water Bottle PVC Plush Hot Water Bags(Black)


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1. Product: Water injection hot water bottle
2. Material: PVC + Mink fur
3. Size: About 28 cm long and 18 cm wide
4. Weight: 246g
5. Capacity: 1000ml
6. Features
- Soft crystal super soft fabric, wrapped in lining, warm and non-flammable
- Increase the opening of the water bottle to avoid hot water splashing, otherwise it may cause burns and provide you with better protection
- Using PVC, good elasticity, good barrier performance, waterproof
- Removable and washable, easy to use
7. Instructions for use
- First put the hot water bottle liner
- Pour two-thirds of the hot water into the thermos
- Empty excess air from the thermos after filling
- Tighten the nuts to prevent leakage

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