Waterless Diffuser Essential Oil Spray Wood Glass Aromatherapy Air Humidifier, Plug Type:US Plug(Dark Wood Grain)

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Power (W):14W
Humidifying Capacity:30ml/h
Type:Ultrasonic Humidifier
Material:Glass, Wood
1. No heat/water required: Diluting and maintaining the purity and therapeutic properties of essential oils, giving you a cleaner, smoother and more aromatic vapor;
2. Made of natural material of sustainable plantation hard wood and hand-blown glass;
3. Super quiet: With less than 30 db noise, this essential oil nebulizer is suitable for running at night with lavender essential oils to cure insomnia;
4. Mist control and timer: A smart knob allows you to control the intensity of aromatic vapor, and turn on/ off the model, smell fantastic aromas throughout your whole local area;
5. Auto-off automatically: Waterless essential oil diffuser will shut off after running 2 hours, in case of forgetting to turn it off before leaving.
6. Color: Light wood grain, deep wood grain
7. Size: 7.8x19.2cm
8. Power plug: US/EU/UK/AU available
9. Power adapter input: 110-240V 50Hz/60Hz, output 12V 0.5A

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