WEIDE WH2305 Digital LCD Dual Time Date Display Oversized Wristwatch 30m Waterproof Leather Strap Quartz Sport Watch for Men(White)


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1. Brand new and high quality
2. The model WH2305 Watch suitable for outdoor sports
3. Advanced manufacturing technology
4. Stainless steel buckle and back - case with hi-tech laser logo
5. Environmental IPS electroplating case
6. Watch crow with environmental IPS bronze electroplating
7. Special designed oversized watch case
8. With genuine leather strap and stainless steel buckle
9. Two JAPAN MIYOTA 2305 quartz movement with ORIGINAL batteries
10. One digit movement with the function of date and time display
11. Specially designed black bezel on the case
12. Three time zone, with the function of time display, date and day
13. Additional back light function of the digit movement to show the time clearly in the darkness
14. Two buttons to control different functions
15. 30 meters water resistant (Please do not press any key underwater)
16. Walking on error +/-45S / M

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