Wooden Multi-function Touch USB Pen Holder Desk Lamp Student Desktop Charging Reading Lamp Led Eye Protection Table Lamp, Style:USB Charging Built-in Battery(Black)

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Light Source:LED Bulbs
1. Material: wooden + electronic original
2. Size: 128 x 155 x 345 mm
3. Charging battery capacity: 1200mAh
4. Light color: white light, warm light, long press to adjust brightness

1. Tact switch: short touch once for the warm light, touch a white light, touch once to turn off the light, long press the touch button for the infinite dimming, with brightness memory
2. blue when charging The indicator light flashes, and the full-charge blue light is on.
3. During the full charge, the light lasts for 8.5 hours (the light is the brightest).
4. When the USB output works, the red light is on for normal operation, and the red light will be automatically turned off in about 15 seconds.
5. During use, when the brightness of the light is dim, the battery is completely discharged. To protect the battery, it should be stopped and charged in time. Please do not charge when the light is fine, otherwise the battery will be easily damaged.
6. Use Please charge the product for more than 3 hours before use.
7. The lamp should be used frequently. If it is left for a long time, you need to open the base to the OFF direction. Charge it every two months, charge at least three hours each time, otherwise it will decrease. Battery Life.

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