WT-A99 2W Crystal LED Night Light Projection Humidifier Essential Oil Diffuser Air Fresher Mist Maker, Capacity: 500ml, DC 5V(Silver)

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1. Crystal night light projection humidifier, is a humidifier is also a projection lamp
2. 500ml large-capacity water tank, no need to add water frequently, lasting moisturizing, comfortable sleeping all night
3. Nano-atomization, atomizing water into micron water molecules, penetrates the skin and reaches the basal layer to moisturize and dehydrate the skin.
4. Two-stage fogging, can switch intermittent/continuous spray mode
5. Noise reduction design, bid farewell to air conditioning room dry, sore throat
6. Built-in smart chip, 10 hours automatic power off, anti-dry double protection, safe and reliable, continuous spraying for 10 hours, intermittent spray for 20 hours

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