WT-H13 Muzzy Pig Atomizing Humidifier with Colorful Night Lights, Water Tank Capacity: 270mL (Blue)

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1. Portable and compact.
2. Continuous spray / intermittent spray dual working mode, one-button operation.
3. Silent working without interruption.
4. The large spray purifies the dry air deeply.
5. It is easier to add water to the large water tank .
6. Micro USB interface power supply, plug and play.
7. Bionic breathing lights, soft and romantic.

1. Material: ABS / silicone / electronic components
2. Water bottle capacity: 270mL
3. Spray quantity: 30mL/h
4. Working mode: continuous spray / 1.5s interval spray
5. Working time: 4 / 8 hours
6. Product size: 93 x 93 x 113mm
7. Rated voltage: DC 5V
8. Working current: 300mA
9. Working power: 1.5W
10. Net weight: 166g

Packing list:
- WT-H13 humidifier x 1
- Chinese and English manual x 1
- 1m USB charging cable x 1
- Spare cotton swab x 1

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