WT-R25 Electric Heating Knee Pads Hot Compress Leg Warmer Winter Knee Keep Warm Protective Gear with USB Data Cable, Specification:Android Interface


CHF 45.93
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1. Stretchy OK cloth, soft, comfortable and skin-friendly, good thermal insulation, strong adhesion, strong and durable
2. The inner layer adopts breathable hole design, comfortable and breathable
3. Net pocket design, when using, the moxa bag can be inserted into the net pocket inside the belt
4. Plug-in hole, easy to charge
5. The use of hook and loop fastener, no scratching, strong adhesion, durable

Product parameters:
1. Weight: 141.5g
2. Material: diving material
3. Size: One size
4. Power supply method: USB/DC
5. Applicable parts: legs

1. Only protectors, wormwood bags must be purchased separately
2. Android interface models have storage pockets, DC round hole models have no storage pockets

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