X1 1.08 inch Color Screen IP67 Waterproof Smart Watch Wristband,Support Message Reminder / Heart Rate Monitor / Blood Oxygen Monitoring / Blood Pressure Monitoring/ Sleeping Monitoring (Blue)

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1. System requirements: Android 5.0 and above, IOS 9.0 or above
2. Bluetooth version: BLE 4.0
3. Memory: 64M
4. Battery capacity: 125 mAh
5. Waterproof rating: IP67
6. Heart rate detection, ECG detection, blood pressure detection (heart rate monitoring)
7. Time/clock display, step, calories, distance, sleep time, photo, on/off display
8. Standard motor function (step, distance, calories)
9. Sleep monitoring (sleep time, sleep quality, day and night time)
10. Call reminder, SMS reminder, QQ reminder, WeChat reminder, Skype, facebook, whatsApp reminder.
11. Find your phone and find the bracelet
12. Alarm clock / medication / meeting / sedentary / drinking water reminder
13. ECG+PPG one health measurement, ECG sharing, HRV health index (fatigue index, physical and mental load, physical fitness, cardiac function)
14. Remote control photo (shake a photo)
15. Movement of relatives and friends, mutual measurement of measurement data
16. 1.08-inch ECG bracelet with larger display area and higher resolution. Support charging, information reminds the function of breathing light, more scientific sense. (Switching machine, call reminder, SMS reminder, social reminder and flashing when charging)
17. Size: 55.8x22.3x13.2mm

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