X6 Smart Watch with Camera Touch Screen Support SIM TF Card Bluetooth Smartwatch for iPhone Xiaomi Android Phone(White)

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1. Surface zinc-titanium alloy coating
2. 300mAh capacity polymer battery, safe and reliable
3. Multiple colors, multiple moods, multiple UI themes, highlighting different styles
4. Silicone material strap, anti-sweat matte finish, ergonomic bump design, comfortable to wear
5. Stylish, 1.54-inch narrow side screen, 2.5D curved TP

Product specifications:
CPU (processor): MTK6261D version of the frame screen
Available memory: 32M+32M
Weight: 68g
Size: 45.6*41.3*12.5mm
Camera: 300,000
Bluetooth version: 3.0
Color: black, white
Strap: silicone material
Display: 1.54 inch IPS HD LCD
Touch screen: OGS capacitive touch screen / 2.5D curved TP
Battery type / capacity: 300mah / polymer battery
Resolution: 240*240
Language: Chinese/English/Multilingual
Function: Bluetooth, SIM card, phone book, dialing, information, call record, code table, Bluetooth music, photo, remote photo, settings
Find mobile phone, time and date, ringtone vibration, pedometer, theme, clock type, sleep test, two-way anti-lost, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp
One Package Weight 0.13kgs / 0.28lb
Qty per Carton 97lb
Carton Weight 15kgs / 33.07lb
Carton Size 90cm * 82cm * 23cm / 35.43inch * 32.28inch * 9.06inch
Loading Container 20GP: 157 cartons * 97 pcs = 15229 pcs
40HQ: 364 cartons * 97 pcs = 35308 pcs

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