X8 2.4 inch Screen 2.0MP Security Camera No Disturb Peephole Viewer, Support TF Card


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Smart electronic cat eye to create a cat-eye new century, is the last defense of home security line. Without breaking the door structure under the premise of the use of existing door, no punch, no wiring, installation can be used. Products equipped with intelligent operating system with user-friendly design is simple and easy for the elderly children can use, for your family security escort.

1. 2.4 inch high-definition display.
2. 2 million professional security camera.
3. Metal material prying cat eye head.
4. 145 degrees wide wide angle.
5. 1200mAh lithium battery; easy to use and convenient.
6. Support 5V 1A USB and mobile power supply.
7. Support the door thickness 35-110MM.
8. Door hole range 15-25MM.
9. Energy saving technology, automatic standby
10. A key to wake up function to watch, easy to operate.

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