X8 Car QI Standard Charging Cup Wireless Fast Charger

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Product Name: Car Wireless Charging Cup
Wireless standard: QI standard
Input size: DC 12V / 3A
Wireless power: 10W
USB output: 5V / 2.4A (MAX)
Product Color: Black

Product size: 105 x 83 x 83mm
Packing size: 103x88x116mm
Product weight: 151g, 249g (including packaging)

Product List:
Box x1
Car wireless charging cup x1
Car charger (with cable) x1
Manual x1

1. Adopt WPC QI standard wireless charging fast charging technology, stable and fast charging
2. Combined with the reserved cup hole design of the car, the cup appearance is well integrated into the car interior environment
3. Safe and reliable, easy to use and ensure your driving safety
4. Also reserve USB output to charge other devices
5. Use QI standard mobile phones and the mobile phone width is =<73mm.

1. Mobile phone with built-in QI function (W=<73mm) such as Apple X / 8, Samsung S8 / S7 / S6 / S6EDGE and other mobile phones can be directly charged on the charger
2. For mobile phones without QI function (W=<73mm), you need to install the QI receiver coil. For example, iPhone7, you need to purchase its QI receiver coil to install on the phone. After installation, put it on the charger and it can be charged
3. To prevent a short circuit, do not disassemble the device or throw it into fire or water
4. Do not use this wireless charger in a very hot, humid or corrosive environment, as this may damage the charger and your device
5. Please keep the distance between implanted devices (pacer, cochlear implant, etc.) and wireless charger at least 20cm
6. Please keep this device out of the reach of children and pets at all times

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