X907 400ML Moutain Essential Oil Aromatherapy Humidifier With Warm and Color LED Lamp, Plug Type: AU Plug(Gray)

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Humidification Method:Mist Discharge
Power (W):10w
Voltage (V):24V
1. Material: ABS+PP+PET
2. Water tank: 400ML
3. Power: =<10W, AC adapter output: DC 24V / 500mA.
4. Working time: 60 minutes at regular intervals, about 26 hours at low grades, or about 20 hours at high grades
5. Nature mountain view combine with romantic rainbow and warm lamp.
6. It is not only a great aroma diffuser also a great home decoration.
7. Quite working with night lamp and fine mist, very great for yoga, home, living room, study room gifts etc.
8. Size: 168x160x120mm
9. Power plug: US/EU/UK/AU available
10. Package including:
- 1 x Aroma Diffuser
- 1 x Power Adaptor
- 1 x Manual

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