XH-M543 120W+120W Dual-channel Stereo High Power Digital TPA3116D2 Audio Power Amplifier Board

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  • Channels:2 (2.0)
  • Type:Home Amplifier
1. Product Name: TPA3116D2 digital amplifier
2. Product Type: XH-M543
3. Amplifier chip: TPA3116D2*1
4. Power supply: DC12-26V (24V recommended)
5. Current: more than 3A
6. Max output power: 120W *2
7. Channel: Two channel
8. Signal to noise ratio: 100db
9. Size: 92*69*18MM
10. Power supply DC12V 50W * 2
11. Power supply DC24V 120W * 2
12. Note: Red is positive, and Black is negative!
13. TPA3116D2 digital power amplifier board, with dual channel, high power, shock volume; power supply voltage is DC12-26V, 24V is recommended, it also has an op amp function, after the sound source is input, enter the boards op amp chip TL074C to zoom in, so that The volume is even more shocking.

Operation instructions:
1. Connect the power input terminal to the DC12V—26V power supply (24V is recommended);
2. Connect the audio input to a sound source, such as an MP3, mobile phone, computer, etc.
3. Connect the audio output to the speaker, pay attention to the positive and negative, it is recommended to connect more than 120W professional stage speakers, in order to play its effect.

Package included:
1 x TPA3116D2 2*120W Dual-channel High Power Digital Power Amplifier Board

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