XPower X1A Universal Car USB Quick Charger USB Port Charger DC12-24V 3.1A(Blue)

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1. Two-way flash charging: USB non-directional free connection.
2. Fast charge upgrade, QC3.0.
3. Wide compatibility, support daily electronic equipment / general models.
4. Power saving mode, does not hurt the mobile phone: intelligently adapt to different models, and adjust the output at any time with the saturation of the electronic device, without damaging the battery, it is safer.
5. Overcharge protection, over discharge protection, over voltage protection, over current protection, over power protection, under current protection, under voltage protection, temperature protection.
6. Parameters:
Output power: MAX10.5W
Input voltage: DC12V-24V
Output voltage: DC5V
Output current: 3.1A
Operating temperature: -20 degree Celsius ~ 65 degree Celsius

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