Y2 DC 5V 0.3A Shell Shape Mini Portable Mobile Household Car Air Purifier Aromatherapy Machine Automatic Alcohol Sprayer(White)

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1. Dip in essential oils or perfumes and blow out the aromatic aroma without using water. Essential oils or perfumes are distributed in the fog to relax your mind and body and soothe your mood.
2. Physically in the principle of blowing, the aroma diffuses efficiently and evenly.
3. Built-in lithium ion rechargeable battery for up to 10 hours. Enjoy an aromatic atmosphere even on the go or in a place without a socket.
4. Mirco USB charging port, a variety of power supplies can be charged.
5. The LED indicator shows the battery status.
6. Rotate the design, turn it on clockwise, turn it off counterclockwise or remove the top cover to maintain product integrity regardless of the state of use.
7. Stylish shell texture, beautiful and close to the finger skin, easy to screw.
8. Only 63g, size: 85x76x37.5mm, easy to carry, suitable for business trips, travel, etc.

1. Rated capacity: 3.7V DC 500mAh.
2. Charging time: 2 hours.

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