YB-45AHD-M 4.5 Inch Motion Detection Camera Video Smart Digital Door Viewer(Black)


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Function introduction
1.When the guest presses the doorbell, the indoor ringtone reminds/opens the screen/photos/videos (refer to the corresponding modes and settings)
2.Open the motion detection and insert the TF card to automatically take pictures/videos of the scene outside the door and protect the family property at all times
3.When the house operator presses the switch button, the machine will turn on and show all the outdoor conditions on the big screen.
4.(The machine inserts the TF card) When the machine is turned on, when the screen is displayed on the screen, the house staff press the watch button again to complete the photo/video recording, and is automatically stored in the TF card.
5.After the camera takes a picture/video, the pictures/videos are saved in the TF card. You can browse through the menu or use a card reader to browse the computer.
6.CMOS 2 megapixels, maximum support 1920*1080P.

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